Crowns/Caps from a Cosmetic Dentist

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Crowns conceal or “cap” a tooth to repair normal function and appearance. Crowns may be made from all ceramic/porcelain materials (no metal), porcelain fused to gold, or all gold. Crowns are indicated for teeth that have fractured, have large failing restorations, that have had a root canal, or for teeth that are misshapen and/or discolored.


Crowns/caps case study: Ann


The restoration of a single central incisor is arguably the most difficult aesthetic challenge in dentistry. The philosophy of many dental professionals is to restore multiple teeth in this situation in order to achieve an “easier” match to adjacent teeth.

The philosophy at the practice of Andrew Pacinelli DMD is to conservatively restore every patient while achieving the optimal functional and aesthetic result. Ann presented to our office with a history of trauma to her right upper central incisor. She had been suffering with a significantly discolored tooth for years. With the aid of our personal ceramist, a full coverage, all-porcelain crown was fabricated to exactly match her existing dentition while covering the severely discolored tooth.

Implant crown

While implants replace teeth, they are artificial and behave differently from natural teeth. A quick recap will be helpful in explaining why. A dental implant is a tooth-root replacement, to which an implant crown is attached. The crown is the only part you see in the mouth.